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September 22, 2021 – September 24, 2021

Turn your first $10k months into predictable $10k+ days

Hosted by Jennifer Kem, 8-figure CEO and the founder of Master Brand Institute


The online education space is a $241 Billion+ dollar industry and the fastest growing sector in the services industry.

It is the new “real estate” that people like us are perfectly positioned to own in the online landscape, all while making a massive offline impact.

From Fortune 500 companies to mom & pop stores, entire companies have shifted the way they do business to meet the demand of the new world we live in.

Everyone and their mom has felt the shift of the world being more virtually connected & digitally driven than ever before.

And while the world is slowly going back to normal, the business world will never fully go back to how everything worked before “it” happened…

According to a recent article in Forbes about the current rate of growth & change in business, over 30% of jobs globally will be replaced with automation by 2030.

But it isn’t all bad news. In fact, this is one of the greatest opportunities for those who have expertise & experience on solving a specific problem…

As much as automation replaces routine jobs, it can never replace the hard earned problem solving & decision making skills you learned by applying your expertise to solve real world situations.

And if there’s something you can bet on, it’s that people will always need help from experts, like you, to solve their problems.

They just don’t know that you exist yet.

During the CONCON, we’ll show you how to be recognized for your expertise and get paid (more) for what you bring to the table.

But let’s not downplay reality, putting yourself “out there” requires that you consistently communicate the value you provide, effectively.

It means spending time, energy, and money to climb to the top of the proverbial mountain. Like every journey worth taking, you have to start at basecamp before you can get to the summit. The online world can feel like the wild, wild west where you’re fighting to claim your piece of land amidst rapidly shifting landscapes.

Although exciting, it requires you to push yourself. To face your edges, market your skills, and strengthen the courage muscles required to create real impact. Most important of all is the foundation that is your values, your beliefs and the lifestyle you want to create for yourself.

For you, the best path forward is to follow the proven strategies & structures that have created thousands of successful online experts, all while being directed to navigate the ever-changing online marketplace…

At Confidently Online, you’ll get both. Here you’ll access the proven education, tight knit community and expert direction to support your vision for success in 2022. You’ll learn the proven structure to package, market and consistently sell your expertise online.

And because gift giving is our love language (and we LOVE to help experts succeed), you’ll automatically be entered to win epic prizes that help you succeed right away in your business. You’ll hear from global celebrities, taught by legends in the industry, and learn how to even make a signature drink (mocktails too!) with us in this dynamic event that satisfies all of the things you need to stay focused while having a fun time doing it.

(Let’s be honest – if the thought of sitting in another long, catonic Zoom meeting makes your skin crawl, you’re in the right place. Ain’t no one got time for that!)

Plus: You’ll get PINEAPPLES straight from Hawaii! (more on that down below).

First in Line Access to the Annual Brand Predictions Forbes Asks for Every Single Year, 2022 Edition

Since October 2017, Forbes magazine has asked Confidently Online Conference Host, Jennifer Kem, for her top 10 predictions of how to stay ahead of the marketplace.

Every year these predictions serve as a navigational compass for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who want to get ahead of the marketplace.

From having successfully predicted the rise of LinkedIn as an organic marketing platform, the shift of consumers spending more money on small brands that prioritize creating deep relationships, the importance of creativity & storytelling to help small business owners stand out on social media and the sharp increase of the professional services industry to name a few, Jen has a historical track record of spotting the trends that most impact small business owners.

After the year we’ve all had to adjust to our new normal, Jen can’t wait to share how to position your business for maximum growth in 2022.

Heads up:

Because of the hands-on nature of this event, only 150 attendees are invited.

Think you should be one of them? Read on.

The CONCON is perfect for you if…

You’re an experienced expert in your field who wants to be recognized as the go-to brand for your audience and the media without having to manufacture your authority to get there

You’re a serious entrepreneur who wants to create a future-proof online business using high-integrity strategies to help clients solve problems using your high-ticket offer

You’re an ambitious leader who is excited to share their personal & business values by providing support to make their client’s lives better

You’re a founder that understands the value of your time and energy above all else, and wants support to preserve these two resources while making more money & impact

You want to create more leverage, higher engagement and ultimately build real relationships with your audience

You’re sick of seeing others who have way less experience than you get the recognition you know you deserve

You want to build a holistic, joyful business that serves from the heart of how you and your company helps people

Ultimately, Confidently Online is for you if you have a skill, expertise, talent, and/or experience that can be packaged as a service-based offer, educational program or done-for-you freelance work.

Of course, Confidently Online is NOT for every business owner. If you identify with any of the following, this is definitely NOT the event for you:

You don’t fully believe that your expertise or experience can change people’s lives

You like to learn all of the newest strategies & trends but don’t make time to implement them

You hop from event to event to stay on the motivational high instead of implementing what you learn to grow your business

You’re committed to staying confused instead of finding the clarity to be successful

You’re jaded from past experiences and are more interested in being angry that they didn’t work instead of finding something that does work

At CONCON, you’ll receive the roadmap to online business success which breaks down every single thing you need to make 2022 your best year in business

How would it feel to:

Use your current skills & expertise to create massive wealth over the next 90 days…

Create a futureproof plan to move your fantasy lifestyle into a real, impactful business…

Get out of those feelings of self-doubt by confidently knowing exactly what you have to focus on each week…

See everything “behind-the-black-curtain” so you can tap into what really works…

Live an entirely Values-Driven life, where autonomy and community co-exist for the greater good…

AND get a delicious pineapple straight from Hawaii. (okay, it doesn’t help your business but it sure does taste good!)

All this and more when you save your seat for Confidently Online.

You’ll be in good company at the CONCON. Here’s what past event & workshop attendees have said:

“My goal was to make 6-figures. I doubled it.”

Equipped with when Jen taught me and my assistant… the support of her and her team… the numbers were insane.

Everything was beyond what I could have imagined. The numbers are crazy but honestly the numbers feel small in comparison to the actual impact I’ve had on my community.

Faith in God restored.
Sisterhood built.

I’m so FULL.

Maya Elious

Brand Strategist

“The things that for my business, I’m getting out of it to get to the next, next, next level. A person in the room literally got 10 clients after just raising their hand and asking one question.”

Kathleen Mezik

Founder, Break-Free Coaching

“We’ve made almost $5 million over 18 months.”

Working with Jen has been out of this world. She created the entire framework (for my business) and because of it, my business is performing at the next level. I’ve worked with dozens of experts to get support here and she told me exactly what I needed in less than an hour. I can’t emphasize just how good Jen is. Work with her.

Chris Winfield & Jennifer Gottlieb

Founders, SuperConnector Media

“What Jen taught us about experience and dignified sales truly helped us create a magical experience for our clients.”

Jen is a business mentor that I look up to and respect on so many different levels. What Jen taught me and my team about brand experience really helped us create a space where people genuinely trusted my brand. The type of bond and loyalty we created with our audience is totally transformational.

Selena Soo

Founder, Impacting Millions

“I’ve probably spent like $200k on coaches and strategists, which I don’t begrudge. But what I learned in the 3 days of working with you surpasses all of them combined.”

We needed to get better at marketing because it’s just not something I’m good at. In the time we’ve worked together, I am blown away by how many lightbulbs have gone off in my head. I legitimately feel like a freaking genius for hiring you.

Kendrick Shope

CEO, Authentic Selling®

“When we worked with Jen and her team it was worth it - we converted 70% (of attendees) and basically made, like, $2 million over two days.”

Getting experience from someone telling us what to and more importantly, what NOT to do made all the difference. You know, there are so many landmines that come up when you do something for the first time, so just being able to lean on the team (and Jen) with their experience was by far the most valuable part.

Justin Goff & Stefan Georgi

Founders, Copy Accelerator

“Jennifer Kem helped me 7x my income over two years.”

Before working with Jen Kem and her team, I had been struggling for three years being stuck at $100,000 in revenue. In the first year of working with Jen, my revenue went from $100,000 to $300,000. In the second year, my revenue went from $300,000 to $700,000. Basically, in two years of working with Jen, I went from $100,000 to $700,000 in sales.

Kathy Goughenour

CEO, Expert VA Training

“This is the first time I’ve had support to keep pushing through and keep moving forward.”

I’ve been stuck in this pattern of getting to this [launching] stage and stopping. My brain just felt fuzzy every time I would commit to launching. But this is the first time, in my life, I’m starting to feel some of that pattern and habit fall away. And I’m starting to feel the ease that comes on the other side that I’ve never felt before in my life. That fuzziness, it’s going away. This has honestly been life changing for me.

Melissa Wright

Truth and Alignment Coach

“Before I started working with Jen, I wasn’t publicly sharing my message.”

I didn’t know how to speak to my audience – I had no idea where to even start! But Jen changed that for me. One of the many things I learned from Jen is the importance of using stories that lead back to what your product is and that telling stories for the sake of a story doesn’t get you paid. Now, I’m crystal clear on the stories that I’ll be using and how they’ll be supporting my upcoming launch. So excited!

Nicole Tobon

Founder, Softball Students Mentorship

“Jen Tells It Like It Is.”

After 35 years in the personal development and seeing like the good, the bad, and in the last decade, a lot of the ugly, it’s so refreshing to hear somebody like tell things as they are standing their truth and go ‘y’all, don’t get it.’…Jen gave me a permission slip, not to pretend to be who I’m not. And I think that in itself is transformative.

Yoram Baltinester

Performance Coach

“Seeing Jen do the laser coaching, sold me. I was already sold because I was already here...but seeing that in real life, seeing people have those breakthroughs was so attractive and it was so exciting.”

Angela Smith

Licensed Therapist

“These are the resources that we’ve been needing. Jen is a hidden gem.”

Benita Ledet

Founder, A Unique Love


Over $100,000 worth of proven strategies in just 3 days, which is cheaper than a buttery croissant paired with your favorite craft coffee for the rest of this month!

Read: Not one of those events you’ll want to skip and just “catch the replay”


Successful people are lifelong learners and intentional doers. We use a proven framework called the Confidently Success Map that eliminates any confusion on how to grow a thriving online expert business with offline impact. At the live event, we’ll teach you the strategies, insights, and ideas that are driving today’s most successful online business owners who are making real impact with their expertise and experience.

This online, done-with-you experience includes:

Getting you ready for success in our pop-up online forum while networking with fellow CONCON attendees. There will be extra trainings (and surprises!) to start building your momentum before the event even starts!

2.5 days of step-by-step online and offline implementation where we’ll tackle everything from your mindset to your marketing—helping you reach $10K days, faster. You’ll learn by doing!

Consulting with my personal team and experts in marketing, team-building, systems development, copywriting, sales, and more

A done-for-you launch calculator and templates, as well as copy critiques, system support, and walkthroughs

Curated elevated experiences that include a VIP party, incredibly cute AF swag sent by mail, gifts from our event sponsors (read: some of our favorite brands), Confidence Kits to help you implement more quickly and SO MUCH MORE

Laser coaching by top-level experts who have been where you are and know the exact steps to take to get you to the next, next level

Non-awkward breakout sessions with the online community where you’ll meet others like you, forming friendships and bond with fellow leaders who “get you” and are excited to see you grow.

How to build a socially-conscious online business where you’ll learn how to support diversity, equity, inclusion and activism authentically amongst like-minded people whose cultural backgrounds enhance and make better the world of online work.

The Pineapple Principle which is our empowered method of you accessing your greatest strengths, talents and skills … it’s something that makes us special and to make it stick, we’re even sending you a real pineapple from Hawaii to demonstrate it to you! (this alone will change the entire way you show up and shine online, even if you’re new at this thing)


One Expert who attends the CONCON will win the chance of a LIFETIME:

To have the Master Brand Institute Team work with them 1:1 to package, market and launch their great work into the world.

Many at the CONCON will apply…


Concon Agenda*


Friday, November 6th 4pm – 6pm PST

Jadah Sellner, Founder of Love Over Metrics

Afternoon Sessions

Set Yourself Up for Success Session

Get your Virtual Badges and Backgrounds

Get your CONCON Workbook

Training: Top 10 Ways to Connect at a Digital Conference

Pineapple Principle Session


Saturday, November 7th 10am – 4pm PST

Jennifer Kem, CEO of Master Brand Institute

Morning Sessions

Confidently Success Map (Basecamp)

Values-Driven Leadership (Mindset)

Afternoon Sessions

Clearly Communicating What You Do – Storytelling and Brand Archetypes (Messaging)

Socially-Conscious Business Panel + Coaching (Values)


Sunday, November 8th 10am – 4pm PST

Nikki Elledge Brown, Founder of On Her Terms

Morning Sessions

Sharing Your Expert-Based Business Online (Marketing)

Building Systems and Team (Marketing)

Afternoon Sessions

Enrolling your Audience into Your Offers aka Authentic Sales (Monetization)

$10K on the Way Panel + Coaching (Values)

Day Three (VIP ONLY)

Monday, November 7th 10am – 4pm PST

Nicole Walters, CEO of Inherit Learning Center

Morning Sessions

Behind-the-Black Curtain of a $1M online launch – the breakdown of our own launch during the pandemic and summer of 2020

VIP Pineapple Party + Mixer (Make sure you have your pineapples)

*The agenda is subject to change

By the end of the 2.5 days, you’ll wish you found us first.

One caveat: if you’re looking at Confidently Online as an event that delivers inspirational messaging and sends you on your way with empty connections and lots of hype without substance, this isn’t the place for you.

People choose Confidently Online because they want to roll up their sleeves to work with the experts who are leading the industry. The time you spend on your business is sacred. You don’t have time for speakers to hype you up talking about the, “what could be’s,” when what you really need is experts who share how to get the results that matter.

This means you definitely want to block out time to attend this event so you can fully tune in and get the support your business needs.

You’re committed to setting yourself up for a great 2022. That’s exactly what we’re going to help you do.

In summary:


We’ll show you how to get recognized and sought after by clients that feel pulled toward you and your values. They’ll seek you out to speak on your expertise from their platforms and introduce you as a top-level expert in their courses and programs.


We’ll pull back the curtain and break down what you need to do and when to get those $10K months consistently and authentically.


And we’ll help you build a marketing plan you can rely on for years to come, despite recessions and poor economic conditions—you’ll have a plan, and it will be YOUR plan.


No one teaches this like we do, and the best hire us to help them grow their brands and businesses to the next level.


If you’re the type of person who knows investing in yourself is the path to success, we’re ready to teach you everything you need to find success.


A Word from your Host and Lead Advisor:

I’m Jennifer Kem, 8-figure CEO of Master Brand Institute, Brand Futurist and One of the Top Business Coaches Online and Offline…and what I can promise you I’ll never lie to you about what it takes to be successful.

I have a big goal to make at least 100,000 women financially wealthy and socially impactful by the year 2030 – because if we do that, the autonomous women will not be impacted by the automation machine, and our ripple effect will be felt by generations.

Would you like to be one of those women (or non-binary royalty or male ally who sees us all like Martin Ginsberg saw Ruth Bader Ginsberg – not just deserving of a seat at the table but in fact, making our own)?

Then you’re in the right place and I want to personally invite you to the CONCON.

In my past life (aka corporate career), I wrote the proven roadmap that big businesses took to easily make $10K in a day. When I left, I used the same techniques and scaled to $10K days for each of my companies.

You get noticed when that happens. I became more widely known as the expert for building a brand that gets you seen, heard, and paid.

Results started piling in. The beta test ALONE generated almost a million dollars. I knew it was time to make it more available to those experts who never really fit in so their voices could stand out in a marketplace that desperately needs them.

You now have access to that map.

And it’s right here in front of you. You were never meant to fit in.

It’s time to ask yourself: Are you ready to OWN your expertise and start making $10K months, consistently?

Once inside this event, my team and I will walk you through each of the crucial steps me and thousands of other business owners have gone through to get to that first $10K month…and beyond.

It’s going to take work, but we’ve got 2.5 days! That’s plenty of time for my team to walk you through each of the steps, with big wins along the way.

I’ve invited my most trusted colleagues, team and advisors to support you at the CONCON:

Jennifer Kem

8-figure CEO and the founder of Master Brand Institute

Nicole Walters

CEO of Inherit Learning Center

Jadah Sellner

Founder of Love Over Metrics

Nikki Elledge Brown

Founder of On Her Terms

Sarah Paikai

Confidently Success Coach and Systems Expert

Kajana Movery

Confidently Success Coach and Social Media Expert

Maria Volovik
Confidently Success Coach and Launch Expert
Lynne Maureen Hurdle
The Conflict Closer
CEO, Hur Comm Solutions
Trudi Lebron
CEO, ScriptFlip!
Eva Pena

Certified Coach & Facilitator

Cherry Rose Tan

Founder & CEO, #REALTALK

Chris Winfield

Super Connector Media

Jen Gottlieb

Super Connector Media

Are you ready to learn and unlearn what you need to succeed?


We’re all about helping you build a business with the actual tools we use to enhance our productivity and energy, so…

Here are the prizes you’re eligible to win when you actively participate as a live attendee at the CONCON!


to help you quickly implement the new strategies & structures from the event…




with prizes and VIP access to some of our favorite brands…


$50 – $300


with the Master Brand Institute Business Advisors — we’ll reward you just for showing up for your business…




How do you win?

First, be present throughout the event.

We’ll announce specific details to up your chance of success the week leading up to the CONCON.


If you’re a General Ticket Holder, you automatically get entered ONCE into the Grand Prize drawing.

If you’re a VIP Ticket Holder, you automatically get entered TWICE into the Grand Prize drawing.

The CONCON will be unlike any other event you’ve ever attended. From celebrity appearances to business strategies and high-value swag to direct feedback, it doesn’t getter better than this event.

Ready to close out 2021 confidently and set up 2022 to be your best year in business?


What will I actually be getting out of this event?

You’ll be getting a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to get to your first $10K month that leads to $10K days. Seriously. We’ll help you get your marketing message straight so you can hit the ground running after the CONCON is over. In addition to the best-in-class strategies and structures we’ll be teaching you, you can expect us to surprise and delight you with prizes and celebrity shout-outs the entire time. Our love language is gifts on our campus, so we can’t wait to send you a personal pineapple from Hawaii too! (the pineapple is our mascot and we’ll show you why when you attend the CONCON)

What’s an “expert-based online business?”

Basically, if you’re reading this, you’re an expert. (I can say that because I have that much faith in my marketing and that’s who I attract—experts.) To spell it out, though: If you are a specialist, creative/artist, consultant, coach, trainer, teacher, and/or someone who wants to build a highly-leveraged online business, then Confidently Online specifically helps people like you build, market and sell courses, packages and valuable teachings and information. Experts educate their ideal clients on how to do something that they want in their lives. That might mean you’re a spa and skin care owner that wants to teach others how to uplevel their skin care at home (using their products) or perhaps you teach piano locally but want to do it online or you’re a coach/consultant/trainer who wants to teach valuable skills to your audience in the areas of Relationships, Health, Career, or Personal Development. These are examples of entrepreneurs who build “expert-based online businesses”.

I’ve taken {insert big name course here}. Do I really need to attend Confidently Online?

Absolutely! Confidently Online is for people who know that investing in business training and mentorship is never a bad idea. If you’ve done another online business building course or program, Confidently gets you to the deepest roots of your meaning and messaging, cleans up any clutter around your communication, and trains you on the simplest tools available to market and sell your online business offers. We also teach you an integrated and balanced way to manage your time, energy, attention and money so you can prioritize the highest revenue producing activities only you can do – and teach you how to confidently communicate what you need to contractors and staff on the things you need done so you don’t waste a moment of your most precious resource – your confidence.

What’s the difference between General Admission and the VIP Ticket?

Access and proximity to me and my team. General Admission gives you access to days 1 and 2 of the event, where we’ll walk you through the 5 Foundational Building Blocks that you’ll need to bring in $10K each month with ease. The VIP Ticket gets you access to Jen (that’s me) and her team during exclusive coaching sessions where you’ll be able to pick the marketing brains behind some of the biggest brands in the industry, as well as the Behind-the-Black-Curtain training of our $1M launch and a VIP Pineapple Party.

Do I already need to have a web site and/or social media profiles set up?

No you don’t – in fact, if you haven’t got those things up “completely” yet, it’s even better because what you learn in Confidently Online will make those things even more clear and make the process much smoother. If you DO have them, then Confidently Online will make revising, updating and upleveling all of it so much easier and aligned. Your online web and social presence will constantly be evolving; but a lot of times this is where a lot of wasteful or avoidant effort happens because we agonize over getting them perfect. Confidently Online will help you get clear faster so that you can use your web and social assets FOR you – to be magnetic representations of what your brand has to offer to ideal clients. Yes!

Is this event just for new(ish) entrepreneurs?

If you don’t have any idea at all what you want to do, it might not be for you. Whether you are a newer entrepreneur or more advanced, you are really looking to clearly articulate and message your online brand’s value, grow your ideal audience, and powerfully show how your expertise is THE one to choose for your prospective clients. Therefore, it’s best for people who have their idea but something has stopped them from sharing, launching, or selling it. This “stuckness” can happen at every stage of business (whether you’re just hitting 5-figure months or have made consistent multiple six figures and want to go to 7).

What if I have a product-based or e-commerce business?

Then you’re my type of people. If you’re looking to extend your offers to include info-based programs/products/services—Confidently Online is perfect for you. You most likely have already built an audience that purchases your physical products, so having an info-expert business to compliment it is a no-brainer and super smart on your part, because there is better profit in info-expert products.

Will this work for me if I’m already making 6-figures or more in my business?

Every time I’ve reached a new financial milestone in my businesses, I had to return to the foundational principles of what made our company successful to that point, and then adapt and scale from there – and the work in Confidently helps you navigate what you need next. So, with that in mind, it’s a program that you’ll use over and over again during every stage of your business. P.S. congratulations on kicking ass and hitting that 6-figures or more mark!

Is this event only for coaches?

Nope! This event is for entrepreneurs who want to create an online expert platform – building digital courses, programs, consulting/coaching packages, and produce online and offline events to build their revenue on demand and also up their visibility and brand awareness. Coaches fit into that category, so the event is a great fit for them.

Will this work if I have a brick and mortar business?

For sure! The framework we’ll teach at this event works especially well for brick and mortar business owners, because it allows you to create more leverage by developing an online revenue stream that supplements (and even replaces if you want it to) your current business. This gives you the insurance to know that you can package your knowledge and expertise into a way that others can benefit. Don’t know what to build online? This event helps you discover and decide on that.

How much time should I set aside for this event?

I love this question, because it means you care how you spend your time – and that’s already a huge step in success in not just for this event, but in your entire business. You’ll want to put aside 2 hours at the pre-event to get the lay of the land and pick up all of your virtual swag. On the general days 1 and 2 we’ll be in session for 6 hours with breaks and lunch built in. If you’re in the VIP level, you’ll have a 3-hour advanced training. What’s on the other side though will be confidence and clarity like you cannot believe!

Will I have access to a recording of the event?

Great question. The recording will be available for purchase after the event. But we hope that you’ll be an active participant as what we’re teaching is best experienced live and in present tense. We’re producing a world-class event with an analog vibe because we know how important and impactful belly-to-belly conversations are. You don’t want to miss the dynamism and intentionality of the access and conversations that will be happening live in the room.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to succeed with the framework given in the event?

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to succeed in Confidently Online. Our goal is to give you the exact tools that work both ANALOG and DIGITAL because good business practices aren’t fads or flash-in-the-pans. I’m not technical either, I just know how to direct people on my team to get stuff done clearly, so people better at the tech stuff than me can handle it fast and easy and affordably. If you’ve been trying to figure out technical apps, integrations, systems and platforms – it’s probably NOT a good use of your time! I want you to get more clients and more money and more impact – and to do that, Confidently Online teaches you how to get the tech stuff done more simply.

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

There are no refunds but if you for some reason can’t make it and want to transfer your ticket, you can do up to two weeks before the event by requesting in writing to support@jenniferkem.com. Note that the shipment of the swag and other analog goodies will not be sent to the person you transfer your ticket to. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Only 150 attendees will be invited to attend due to the hands-on nature of the event



The Conference + Community that Connects You to the Futureproof Strategies and Values-Driven Cultural Leaders You Need to Make Online Income with Offline Impact and Build Your Expert-Based Business and Brand, Now.

To Lead with Purpose

You Need an Upgraded Mindset and an Expanded Worldview.

And, You Want to Have a Legendary Life Too.

September 22, 2021 – September 24, 2021


(until sell-out or countdown hits zero, save $100 in either level!)

$1 General Ticket


First two keynotes on Day 1

General Ticket


Global Pre-Party Session

Virtual Swag Bag

All Workbooks and Handouts

Day 1 and Day 2 Sessions

Breakout Rooms

Prize Drawings x 1

VIP Ticket


Everything in General Admission PLUS:

CONCON Swag Bag mailed to you

VIP Training Day “The Behind-the-Scenes Million Dollar Launch” + Keynote

VIP Pineapple Party + Mixer

(including an actual pineapple shipped to you from Hawaii)*

Prize Drawings x 2

*Note: you must register your VIP Ticket by October 15 in order to guarantee arrival of your genuine Hawaiian grown pineapple.