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Exponentially Amplify Your Sales Results
By Simplifying What Marketing Activities You Focus On and Become an In-Demand Highly-Respected, Well-Paid Online Expert.

Boss, It’s Time To Put Yourself In The Driver Seat of Your Online Business.

I want to teach you how to understand and implement the organic marketing strategy specifically meant to help emerging leaders like you become confident marketers of your knowledge, skills and experience.

(that means you’re an “expert” – even if you’ve never called yourself that!)

The secret here is learning how to create quick, momentum-generating wins that showcase your special expertise by implementing what really makes you influential, unique and a boss magnet in the eyes of your ideal clients.

Over the course of 5 days I’m going to walk you through the exact structure that turns working women into online experts who consistently generate $10k each month (and ready to scale for more).

(And if you want that type of step-by-step, quick-to-see-results support over 4 entire weeks, I got something juicy for you.)

It’s Time For You To Learn And LOVE The 5 Building Blocks To Confidently Market Your Business Online

Building Block 0


In order to achieve that first $10k+, you need to be crystal clear on where you want your business to go. Here we focus on setting realistic goals so you can take action on achieving them and loading up that Louis Vuitton backpack (ok maybe Jansport to begin with) with the right tools to set you up for the epic journey called your Online Expert Business.

Building Block 1


The most successful experts have learned to motivate and inspire themselves on demand from a place INSIDE of them. Here you’ll learn how 8-figure experts like me set up my environment and lifestyle for focus, productivity and joy while building a values-driven business. Ambitious women like you can’t afford to be thrown off by imposter syndrome, comparatis or FOMO online – because we need you out there helping more people.

Building Block 2


Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball to see into the minds and hearts of the people you want to help with your expertise? The answer is in the way you communicate your business value and personal values through your brand voice, use of the right stories, and what sets you apart from other bosses in your industry. Here you’ll learn to speak to your client so clearly, they’ll think you’ve been reading their diary.

Building Block 3


Marketing has one job – to let people know how you can help them. But the plethora of systems out there to market online can kerfuffle the most brilliant people out there – and ain’t nobody got time for that! I’ll show you the actual working (and easy-to-set up) systems that interest and attract highly qualified clients to show up at your (virtual) door, every damn day. Here you’ll learn to build an “Attention Machine” that consistently attracts the people that you WANT to work with.

Building Block 4


Nothing slows down experts online like overcoming the icky, used car salesman feeling that’s associated with selling your offers and programs. Instead, I’ll teach you how to enroll ideal clients into your programs by making them feel that excitement that comes with finally walking into the Valentino store and buying those new Rockstud Stilettos (or Flats if that’s your jam). Here you’ll learn to have dignified sales conversations that make you and your ideal client feel like royalty the entire time.

The whole point of The Success Map Workshop is to help ambitious women understand that the gap between where you are now and where you want to be next (say it with me: consistent $10k months!) is a simple, highly-customizable strategy with a road-tested proven structure – so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

The Structure to Packaging & Selling Your Expertise Consistently Has Nothing to Do With Anything You’re Doing Wrong.

It’s a simple matter of knowing what to focus on and when to focus on it. In fact, you’re probably less than 2-degrees away from having consistent $10k months…

And although you could figure out how to bridge that gap over the next 12-months on your own – staring blankly at the blinking cursor in your Google search bar or by admiring that brand online that seems to be crushing it and you’re really wondering how she’s doing it…

But if you’re here, you’re smart and you’re fierce and you have no time for ambiguity or roundabout ways of learning what you need to learn. You understand that getting direct support and guidance are the hallmark traits of successful folks – and that’s who you are. That’s good because I’ll be mapping out exactly what you need step-by-step, so you can start seeing results, immediately.

There are two ways to get access.

One option gives you basic yet no-holds-barred access to this very special, proprietary training.


The other option gives you an all-access pass and opportunity to be coached directly by an online expert that’s built three 8-figure companies after leaving the corporate world (that means you + me = BFF level support).

Either option gives you what no one else is teaching about how to operate and grow an online business that pays you for your expertise and experience and makes you the most highly-respected leader in your field.

(and also makes anyone who calls you crazy for wanting to leave your day job to pursue a life of true sovereignty a wee bit humbled and sending you apology flowers for questioning your belief and badassery)


The Simple Yet Profound Perspective Change Every Woman Needs To Experience Before Trying To Build a
Successful Online Expert Business

When I worked in the corporate world, I was one of those women who could juggle everything at once.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

On one hand, I was an absolute ace at my job (I wasn’t paid as much as some of my counterparts but I was cranking out my work AND their work).

At the same time, I was leading & cheering my team on to success (matter of fact, we hit our bonus goals every single quarter because we were committed to winning).

While also navigating the political tightrope that is climbing the corporate ladder (I really never knew what the managing director or VP was going to throw my way at 4:17pm on a Friday before a long weekend – but hey, I wanted that promotion).

And I was a single mom, balancing the act of caring for my kids while being a strong independent woman (this by itself was a full time job)…

Then one day, something happened that changed the entire direction of my life…

The promotion that I was the top candidate for – that I was essentially promised by my boss – was given to my male counterpart.

He was much less skilled than me…

BUT, he played golf with our boss on the weekends while I handled the “urgent hail marys,” literally from the sidelines of my daughter’s volleyball games to be as “present as possible”…

(And no shade against that guy, we’re still great friends today…)

But it showed me that no matter how much money I put into the company…
How much time I stole from my kid’s sporting events…
Or how many caffeine-fueled late nights and early mornings I committed to…

I would never be recognized for how much I contributed to the company.

So I did the unthinkable – I made the leap into entrepreneurship.

I mean, how hard could it be? I was one of the top executives at a Fortune 15 technology company!

I managed teams of hundreds of employees moving forward with my strategy!

I spearheaded billion dollar initiatives that literally changed the landscape of the industry!

I brainstormed and launched product lines that created tens of billions of dollars in revenue!

Of course I could be an entrepreneur!

…but let me tell you – I seriously underestimated something so simple, so basic, it makes me cringe just writing it on this page…

I had never learned how to package, market and sell my expertise.

Which sounds kind of funny, right? I mean, in my day job, I literally focused on using my expertise, every single minute of every single day.

I was literally the best at what I did in the company.

And that’s what I didn’t take into consideration as an entrepreneur…

I was building a brand new company.

This meant no team to move forward my strategy…
Or budget to pave the path for business development initiatives…
Or a single product that I knew people would want to buy…

Simply put, there was no structure for me to replicate in order to successfully package, market and sell my expertise…

Looking back at 2006 when I made the move from corporate executive to full-time business owner, I really wish there was someone who could teach me…

But, the GREAT news is you get to have what I didn’t, because I’ve created it for you!

Leader, You’re Just One Success Map Away From An Online Business That Consistently Makes $10k Each Month and More

Enter The Success Map Workshop. You’re going to develop your knowledge of how to package, market and sell your expertise online by learning & doing it at the exact same time.

Because if there’s something I know about smart women like us, we are GREAT at what we do, we just struggle getting other people to recognize just how great we truly are.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a simple, clear framework that you can use over and over again to consistently attract clients.

I need you to really hear me when I say this – the time for you to fully step into your power and attract the audience that sees you are the badass, problem solver they’ve been looking for, is right now.

Brand Futurist and Business Strategist CEO of the Master Brand Institute

Hey there, I’m Jennifer Kem,

My friends call me Jen – so feel free to call me that too. 😉

My company specifically helps experts fix the problem called, “I don’t know how to package and market my expertise online to the people who will pay me money.”

And, bossssss, let me tell you, there has NEVER been a better time for a woman to turn her knowledge into an online business that pays her for being her most authentic self.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the last 5 months have been a whirlwind of uncertainty…

Everyday, working people have been forced into unemployment by the hundreds of thousands…

Large, well-known brands who were doing great before March have had to declare bankruptcy…

Entire industries are fighting to survive in the new normal we’re all living in…

But do you know who isn’t struggling?

The experts who are packaging, marketing and selling their knowledge online (in fact, they’re living their best lives right now!!)

In the last 90-days, 87% of my students made more money during the pandemic than they did in all of 2019…

So what does this have to do with you?

You’re a woman who has the type of skills & experience that can change peoples lives, one who doesn’t want to be held hostage by world events you have no control over…

And I’m an expert that teaches ambitious women, like you, to confidently market & sell themselves regardless of what, “regular working people” are dealing with…

By simplifying the marketing activities they focus on, to amplify the sales they generate by attracting the audience who recognize and pay them.

Hold up, did you NOT just let out a squeal of delight?

Are you serious right now?!?

Wait, wait – let me say that a different way so you really pick up what I’m laying down…

I’m going to teach you how to use a highly-customized, proven marketing structure to confidently market your business, creating $10k months, regardless of what the rest of the world is going through.

Oh, you jumping up and down now? That’s the kind of reaction I’m looking for!

I really hope you choose to join in, because…

There Ain’t Nothing Like Seeing Other Women Crush It While You’re Crushing It At The Same Time.

(Aka Real Results from Those Who’ve Applied The Success Map)

So I Only Have One Question Left…
What Type of Support Are You Looking For?

The Basic Pass

(A peek into what’s possible on how to build an online expert business on your terms, and my gift to you)

You’re not basic, but I know sometimes you just need a little bit of insight. So here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 5 in-depth trainings on how to build & execute your own Success Map
  • A gorgeous, comprehensive workbook and prompts to thoroughly understand how to customize the Success Map to your unique business
  • 1 full week of access to our online Forum to connect with other ambitious women virtually
  • More clarity in your next steps in growing your online expert business, without any bullshit shenanigans, guaranteed

All that, for $0

The BOSS Pass

Highly Recommended

(The behind-the-black-curtain and beyond-the-velvet-rope access you’ve always dreamed of, except the STAR of the event is YOU)

For those of you who know you’re a boss, a queen, and that your ambition deserves a platform that gets you seen, heard and paid. So here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Everything in THE BASIC PASS, plus:
  • Laser hot seats for BOSS PASS holders during the Success Map Workshop, with premier access to the private Zoom room instead of the public group
  • 5 full weeks of access to our online Forum to connect with other ambitious, generous women virtually and pre-big event festivities that will help you learn and earn confidently (including many of the success stories you saw up above)
  • CRAZY SEXY COOL BONUS: A ticket to Confidently Online, an exclusive 2 day online conference that will teach you how to make your online business a profitable, full time gig moving into the new year (and this isn’t going to be some boring, static, old info in a Zoom session … we are the absolute leaders in online and offline events at our company, and we’ll have celebrity speakers and swag that you’ll never get at another conference!). It’s literally the online event of the year for people like us!

All that, for only $197 $77

**Limited to the first 100 women who sign up for a BOSS PASS

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